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Leave your stress at the door. Come dance with DanceCraft’s welcoming, enthusiastic, and dedicated instructors. Whether you have never danced or dance every chance you get, DanceCraft has options for everyone. You will find lots of opportunity for fun through individualized lessons, group classes, and social dancing. Visit our studio and become a part of the DanceCraft family. Let's dance!

Competition Dancing

Even absolute beginners can compete in dance! The earlier you start the quicker you improve. 

DanceCraft has "Crafted" a system of training its competitive dancers that results in quick progress and is relatively affordable.

Our routines are learned systematically in small, easily absorbed chunks

Each one of our routines are broken into three or four easy-to-learn sections that can independently be danced on their own and "looped" to be danced seamlessly. For example, when you learn a competitive routine, you will start with Section A, and Section A is all you need to learn to compete! Once you become proficient in Section A, we will add on Section B, then C, an so on. No matter how many Sections you have learned, you are ready to compete!  Our program also encourages ProAm competitors to dance with other ProAm competitors in a practice format to help develop true Lead and Follow skills.

Join our competition team!  Ask an instructor about how to get involved.