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Leave your stress at the door. Come dance with DanceCraft’s welcoming, enthusiastic, and dedicated instructors. Whether you have never danced or dance every chance you get, DanceCraft has options for everyone. You will find lots of opportunity for fun through individualized lessons, group classes, and social dancing. Visit our studio and become a part of the DanceCraft family. Let's dance!

Group Dance Classes

A fun, affordable, and socially rewarding way to learn to dance! Group dance classes are offered throughout the week with more style and skill level options than any other three studios in Pensacola combined. 

We specialize

Our instructors specialize in their respective styles of dance, so you can rest assured, the instruction you receive will always be relevant to the most current dance trends. Whether you are looking for Ballroom, Swing, Latin, or Country Western styles of dance, or even solo dance styles like Hip Hop or Contemporary, you will find the most entertaining and highest quality of instruction on the Gulf Coast at DanceCraft!

It's affordable

We believe learning to partner dance is something people of all walks of life should be able to enjoy. The physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of dance should not be reserved only for people who can afford expensive hobbies. Therefore, we have created a pricing structure for group classes that makes classes accessible to even the tightest of budgets. 

our system works

DanceCraft has developed a unique and effective system of teaching group classes, guiding students through a progression of developing skill and knowledge, creating a solid foundation from which dancers of all commitment levels can reach their desired potential. While most studios create a dependency on expensive private lessons to become proficient, DanceCraft breaks the mold by creating great dancers through their group class program. Yes, private lessons will greatly increase the speed at which you can learn, and some dance goals indeed require one-on-one instruction.  However, for the casual social dancer on a tight budget, group class CAN and WILL help you become a dancer people will enjoy dancing with! All you need to do is stick with our proven system and show up!

Master Your Dancing for FREE!

You read that right! For FREE!

DanceCraft offers all our students an opportunity to MASTER their dancing for free. Some studies show it takes about 100 repetitions to become proficient in a new skill, but to MASTER a skill, one must commit to 3000 to 5000 repetitions! 

It may seem daunting to be expected to work that hard, and expensive if you have to pay for enough classes to achieve that kind of mastery. So, our Beginner Mastery Program requires you to only pay to reach a level of proficiency in any given style of dance... after that, you can continue to attend enough classes to MASTER your skills for FREE!

Click here to watch a video that describes why the DanceCraft Beginner Mastery Program has created more skilled dancers than any other in the region, and at a fraction of the cost of the other programs out there! 

Group Class FAQ

How long is a regular group CLASS SERIES?

Each regular group class series will be held at the same time on the same day of the week for four weeks starting at the beginning of each month. The more series you attend, the bigger the discount you receive. Visit our PRICES page for information about the price of classes and how to enroll.

can I DROP in to a class after the first class of a series?

Drop-ins are allowed for classes at any time during the series at a cost of $12/person/class; however, we discourage students from doing so as all series are progressive in nature and important prerequisite information will have been missed. 

CAn I get a refund for MISSED CLASSES?

Class series are discounted; therefore, refunds will not be given for classes missed.

When should I consider myself ready to move beyond beginner level classes?

DanceCraft provides group class series at four different skill levels: Beginner, Experienced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Beginner students should expect to complete a Beginner Series of classes three times before enrolling in Experienced Beginner level classes. Ask about our Beginner Mastery Program for details about skills progression and how to earn free classes. 

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