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Leave your stress at the door. Come dance with DanceCraft’s welcoming, enthusiastic, and dedicated instructors. Whether you have never danced or dance every chance you get, DanceCraft has options for everyone. You will find lots of opportunity for fun through individualized lessons, group classes, and social dancing. Visit our studio and become a part of the DanceCraft family. Let's dance!

Social Dancing

There are so many reasons to learn to dance, but at the top of the list is social dancing. DanceCraft understands the importance of being able to actually APPLY what our students learn to a real-life social situation. After all, why learn to dance if you rarely have an opportunity to use the skills you work so hard to develop?!!! 

This is why DanceCraft offers plenty of opportunities to social social dance each week where dancers come together and dance with each other in a comfortable, supportive, intimidation-free environment where you have access to many people who want to dance with you!  

How is social dancing different than "Partner Dancing"?

The most popular question we come across from people interested in taking our classes is, "Do I have to have a partner?" 

The answer in "NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" 

The biggest difference between Partner Dancing and Social Dancing is that with Social Dancing, you will have more "partners" than you ever dreamed of!

Being codependent on a partner to learn how to partner dance is a surefire way to keep you from learning at an acceptable rate... and lets face it, if you don't feel like you are improving, you likely won't continue to attend classes for very long!

We have built our programs around the idea that when learning to lead or follow on the dance floor, you should develop the skills required to lead or follow ANYBODY, regardless of the skill level of whoever you dance with. Learning to dance with only one partner rarely results in developing a proficient ability to truly lead or follow, and it always takes far longer to accomplish those skills. It is for this reason we rotate partners during classes AND offer MANY opportunities for people to dance with a multitude of different people.  

What to expect out of our social dances

  • Our social dance parties are casual! Dancing is a physical activity, so dressing comfortably is important. We don't believe dancing should be reserved for special events, so dress how you want to dress and have fun!
  • We have regularly schedule social dance parties, like our super popular Westie Wednesday gatherings, our 2nd and 4th Saturday dance parties, and our 3rd Saturday Strictly Ballroom dance parties. We will also occasionally schedule parties for special occasions like holidays.
  • We allow dancers to bring their own beverages, and some do! But, DanceCraft is a dance venue, not a "drinking" venue... we expect dancers to use alcohol responsibly and safely. 
  • Dancers pay a $5 admission for our 2-hour social dance parties and $10 admission for our 4-hour dance parties.
  • Westie Wednesdays include a heavy dose of West Coast Swing style music with a good mix of Country 2-Step, East Coast Swing, Waltz, Nightclub 2-Step, Cha Cha, and more! 
  • Our 2nd and 4th Saturday dance parties are still heavy on West Coast Swing (yeah, it's just that awesome of a dance!), but we include a heavier mix of other styles. Music requests are always welcome!
  • Our 3rd Saturday dance party is a Strictly Ballroom format. Visit our Dance Styles page to learn more about Ballroom and Latin styles of dance!
  • Expect to be asked to dance... A LOT! We have the friendliest most enthusiastic social dances in the region and they LOVE dancing with beginner dancers, because they all know, with a little time and attention, you may soon be one of their favorite people to dance with!
  • Our social dance parties are open to everybody! Even dancers who don't currently take lessons at DanceCraft often join us for our social dance parties... It's a truly social experience!

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